Craftstone veneers can be bonded onto most materials that act as a solid backing, e.g. fibre cement sheet, concrete block, concrete, bricks & various lightweight concretes. See Fig. 1


For residential and commercial cladding we recommend using an experienced installer. For other applications such as garden walls Craftstone profiles are so simple to lay that any competent tradesman or home handyman should have no trouble.


All surfaces must be clean and dry. Any paint must be removed and walls cleaned back to the base material. Concrete surfaces should be scabbled to provide a rough surface for the Craftbond to adhere to.


All masonry and fibre cement surfaces must be sealed with Craftstone Sealer which is a specially formulated proprietry product only available from Craftstone NZ. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


To bond to the substrate the only suitable product is Craftbond mortar adhesive which is a specially formulated proprietary product only available from Craftstone NZ. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


To lay stones, place corner stones first (if applicable). Simply apply a light skim coat to the wall using a notch-trowel, then butter the back of the stone and press firmly onto the wall.


Craftstone can be cut with any diamond masonry blade attached to a drill, skill saw, angle grinder, bench saw, etc. Please observe safe operating procedures.


Once corner stones are in place, fill the spaces in between with flat stones. It may be helpful to mark the wall with a chalk line to help with straight and level placement of the stones. Avoid getting adhesive onto the surface of the stones.


Where stone crosses a control joint, mortar should be applied to the longest side of the stone only and mortar should not cross the join in the substrate.


All stone must be sealed using Craftstone Sealer. This is the only suitable sealer and is a proprietary product only available from Craftstone NZ.


Once finished, clean up and admire your work.


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These installation videos are here to guide you through the process. While we are creating our own New Zealand specific videos we are showcasing videos from the U.S.A using a very similar product and installation process.

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